Don’t Fall Victim to the Holiday Bulge

Defy the odds and prevent the pounds

What’s your strategy this holiday season for preventing weight gain? It’s common for some individuals to gain 5-10 pounds of body fat each holiday season, but it’s not inevitable. You can enjoy the festivities and all the special foods by following these nutrition and diet strategies. 

Eat Smaller

  • Eat 4-6 smaller meals rather than save up for one big meal.
  • When it comes to dessert, take a bite or two and leave the rest. 
  • Stay clear of the appetizer table.

Eat Healthy

  • Substitute ingredients for a healthy modification.
  • Include 'nutritionally dense' foods on your plate. These are foods that give you the most nutrients for the fewest calories, such as pumpkin and cranberry. 
  • Bring a healthy side dish to the party such as a veggie tray or fruit platter.
  • Be aware of liquid calories from alcohol and fruit juices. 

Eat Smart

  • Plan a workout before a holiday party or big meal. 
  • Eat slowly. Don’t rush through your meal.
  • Keep a food journal.

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