Give Your Feet the Very Best

Dress your feet in the right athletic shoes this holiday season.

Whether you’re out running around shopping for holiday gifts or on the treadmill running off those extra holiday pounds, your feet are bound to take a beating. Now is the time to evaluate your athletic shoes. Keep the following two things in mind when buying your next pair of athletic shoes. And remember, your feet deserve to look and feel good this holiday season. 

Single out your activity. If you’re like most people on a budget, you may tend to buy one athletic shoe and make it multi-task. But walking and running shoes are actually very different in shape and style. For shopping expeditions you may want to invest in a good walking shoe. But, if you’re in the gym, running on the treadmill or working out in an aerobic class, you should opt for a good running shoe that is more flexible with extra cushion for a greater impact.

What’s your foot type? High arch? Wide foot? Flat foot? Factors like support, stability, activity and basic foot physics all play a part in finding the perfect athletic shoes for your feet and the activity you’ll be engaging in. Most sport shoe stores can help you assess your foot shape. But, try this simple ‘wet test’ at home. Wet your foot, step on a piece of brown paper and trace your footprint. The shape and outline of your foot indicates your arch, whether your feet are flat and where you tend to pronate (meaning does your foot turn inside or outside).